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Gary Lee Morris (GLeeMo)

Tattoo Artist / Digital Graphic Artist

Gary Morris has been drawing since he was 9yrs old. Influenced heavily by cartoons at a young age, his art eventually grew into a more illustrative abstract. Many of his early works began to get published in multiple issues of “Tattoo Flash” magazine. In 2002 he moved from Florida to California to explore the art of tattoos. Later, in Michigan, he took a drawing course at Lansing Community College taught by Nancy Rhodes. She inspired his art in a direction that he never thought possible. Moving back to Florida in 2011, he landed a spot at Epic Tattoos in Fort Myers. In the summer of 2013, he was offered a spot at Fort Myers Beach Tattoos and jumped at the chance. Although he loved his spot on the beach, he knew that was not right for him. His desire to have full control over his art was too great to settle. Thus began the journey to create Cape Life Tattoo!